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Different Types of Coaching

There are lots of different types of coaching, ranging from those found in the world of professional sport to dating coaches! Here are some of the types of coaching that I can offer.

Remedial Coaching

Sometimes when you are very stressed, or overwhelmed by the demands of life and the changes you are going through, you need a little help and support. At times like this you probably feel as though you don’t have enough resources to respond creatively to the challenges you face. This is when coaching can be particularly helpful to help you to reconnect with resourcefulness, creativity, and your effectiveness, and help you to get clear about the situation and how you can best respond.

Developmental Coaching

At other times things in life are going reasonably well and you feel that you would like to take the opportunity to improve yourself. At times like this coaching can help you to increase your range of skills, make the most of your talents, and work to address your weaknesses.

Work and Leadership Coaching

Many managers and leaders within organisations now receive coaching as a matter of course. It is well recognised that coaching can help you to be more effective and efficient, and it can provide a context to explore issues from new perspectives that might not be possible when you are talking just to other people in the same business.

Spiritual Coaching

Whatever your spiritual tradition, or even if you have none, it is always helpful to have some support and objective feedback about your practice. Working with a coach can help you to bring a focus to what might otherwise be a slightly vague spiritual practice, clarifying what you're working on and with, and how to integrate your practice into your everyday life, work, friendships, pastimes, relationships, and family life. In this respect, coaching is a form of ’spiritual friendship’ (Kalyāṇa-mittatā), which the Buddha famously described as constituting ’the whole of the spiritual life’.


Coaches, consultants and counsellors all find supervision invaluable, and it is often a professional requirement. It provides you with the opportunity to explore issues that emerge within your work and helps you to identify blind-spots, parallel-processes and systemic issues that might otherwise be overlooked. My supervision work is especially helpful if you are seeking to explore your own spirituality in the context of your work, and the application of spirited dimension in your work with clients.