Amitabha - The Buddha of Meditation

Free Body Awareness Meditations

I had intended to make this 25 minute body awareness meditation available as a free download for a month, but I've decided to leave it on the site for a while longer.

It's ideal as an introduction to meditation and mindfulness practice or as a refresher, and you can listen to it online, or download it for use on your computer, ipod or MP3 player. If you'd like to know more about meditation, or offer me any feedback about this led meditation, then do get in touch.

You're also welcome to use this this four-minute body awareness meditation, which is designed to help you quickly reconnect with yourself, either as a preparation for a longer period of meditation, or to create a moment of mindful recollection during the day.

It's ideally suited for those with some experience as there is relatively little instruction, but you're welcome to give it a try whether you have any experience of meditation or not.

The sound quality on this short meditation isn't as good as I'd like it to be, as I had to get rid of some background noise. If you do a course of coaching with me I will supply longer led meditation practices at a higher sound quality as part of the coaching package, and you'll be able to buy them online soon. They were both recorded with the help of my friend Stephen Coates.

Here are some mp3s you can download to help you with the stages of meditations. They each have a bell to start (ten seconds in) and then are silent except for 5 stages marked with bells, the last bell being a triple ring to let you know it's the end.

  • 5 minute stages - 25 minutes total
  • 4 minute stages - 20 minutes total
  • 3 minute stages - 15 minutes total